- Hope Ignites -

Shattered Sunlight Book 3


Two years after a global Coronal Mass Ejection strikes Earth -killing billions and destroying all vestiges of modern technological life - Dr. Riley Poole is struggling to keep her family and career together in the midst of a biter civil war as she continues to desperately search for her missing daughter, Julia.


When Riley gets news that Julia is still alive and learns where to find her, she abandons her position on a field medical unit and races to Julia’s rescue. When old enemies soon resurface, she runs into more trouble than she can handle, but with the help of old companions and new, she regains hope of achieving her objective.


If you like fierce heroines and heart-pounding adventure at the end of the world, then you'll love this thrilling new saga by award-winning author E.A. Chance. Book III in the thrilling Shattered Sunlight post-apocalyptic series!

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